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The project PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2-0895 entitled "Improving scientific evaluation through analysis of scientific networks" is a Partnership project between Babes-Bolyai University and Epistemio SRL funded by  the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNDI– UEFISCDI.

Research topic

Unbiased evaluation of scientific quality and impact of a manuscript, researcher or journal is critical to scientific progress. Nevertheless, objective evaluation is notoriously difficult to obtain.

The gold standard for evaluating a scientific document is through peer review. Orchestrating fast and unbiased peer review represents a significant burden for referees, editors and committees. Consequently, simple bibliometric indicators such as the impact factor, eigenfactor or h-index are increasingly utilized. One of the major shortcomings of these indicators is that different disciplines cannot be compared with each other. This results in strong disadvantages for some scientific fields, especially with respect to allocation of public research funding. Moreover, the lack of efficient mechanisms for finding and selecting both qualified and unbiased reviewers presents practical difficulties, leading to significant randomness in the outcome. Despite the large body of research these problems attract, adequate and generally accepted solutions are still lacking.

In this project we will tackle two specific unsolved aspects of scientific evaluation. First, a fine-grained, hierarchical scheme of scientometric indicators will be computed for papers, journals and authors. Second, an unbiased, automatic method for generating candidate reviewer short lists will be developed.

The business partner of the project, Epistemio SRL, provides a large-scale database with bibliographic information. The coordinator group at the Babes-Bolyai University will perform the network analysis.

Funding information