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Our studies use the bibliographic database provided by Epistemio, our partner. The database includes more than 46 million publications. To improve the coverage of the database, Epistemio has developed software modules that allow and motivate users of the Epistemio website to add references to the database. These modules allow:

Reference management

Epistemio allows users to store online collections of references to scientific publications, so that users can easily access them everywhere they go, from any computer or device. Users may sort and classify references in folders (collections), organized hierarchically, with no limits on the number of levels. Users may import and export references from a variety of formats such as Bibtex, EndNote or RefMan. References can be added to user collections with one click, after searching them in our search engine. Users may also import their Mendeley references.

Embedding collections of publications

Epistemio allows users to embed collections (lists) of publications on any website. The embedded collections can be easily updated on Epistemio and all updates will instantly apply on all websites where the collections are embedded. For example, users may avoid the hassle of keeping their list of publications up to date on multiple websites, such as their institutional web page and their personal web site, by embedding on all these websites the same list managed centrally through Epistemio. Embedding dramatically simplifies publishing on websites and keeping up to date long lists of publications, such as course bibliographies, with proper formatting and links to the full text versions.

Sharing collections of publications

Any of the collections of publications on Epistemio can also be shared with colleagues, students or the public as a link that users can simply copy and paste in an email, on Twitter, in an instant messenger or elsewhere. Users may choose whether the link has a secret code such that they control who has access to the collection, or whether the collection should be publicized to search engines or in browsable directories.

Enhancing the discoverability of users' publications

Users may create a public profile on Epistemio where they can list all of their publications for extra discoverability. Once they provide their name, Epistemio automatically searches in databases their publications so that they can build the list of their own publications with just several clicks, without the hassle of typing references. Once created, the list can be easily kept up to date, shared or embedded, exported to a variety of formats and styles. However, users may use all of Epistemio’s other features without creating a public profile if they would like so.

Easily formatting of references

Applying to references a variety of styles like APA, Chicago, IEEE, Vancouver, AMA, Harvard or MLA can be easily performed through just several clicks. Formatted references can be pasted to the user's favorite word processor, shared or embedded on websites.

The Epistemio platform is in continuous development. These modules and the Epistemio platform may be accessed at