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The main objectives of this project are:

  1. Improving scientometric indicators through fine-grained, hierarchical normalization across scientific fields that provides indicators of importance on all levels of scientific domains;
  2. Developing optimal methods for reviewer selection in scientific evaluations.

Expected results and end products of the project:

  1. A hierarchy of scientific fields representing the current state of research at the full range of detail.
  2. Formulas for computing scientometric indicators that are finely-grained and normalized across scientific fields; computer algorithms that would implement the computation of these formulas on large databases; and actual computations of the normalized versions for the impact factors and article influence scores or other similar indicators for all scientific journals.
  3. Automatic methods to guide optimal reviewer selection for scientific evaluations based on a general bibliographic information database and bibliography of the paper or scientific project to be evaluated. Alternatively, the names of scientists involved in a project may be used as a surrogate to generate a list of potential reviewers for them.

Phases and tasks diagram: