45th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics

14-16 September, 2020

MECO45 will be organized as an online conference on 14-16 September, 2020.

A conference proceeding will be published in the ENTROPY (impact factor: 2.494) open access journal. Article processing charges will be requested by MDPI for accepted papers. Submission deadline for this issue is 15th of December.


The conference is the 45th in a series of meetings of scientists working in the domain of Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics.

The Conferences of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO) were initiated in 1974 with the aim of bridging the gap between the communities of scientists from the Eastern and Western blocks of Europe, separated by the iron curtain. Since then, MECO conferences have become the yearly itinerant reference meetings for the community of scientists who are active in the field of Statistical Physics in the broader sense, including modern interdisciplinary applications to biology, finance, information theory, and quantum computation.

The 45th edition is organized by the Faculty of Physics, Babeș-Bolyai University and the Transylvanian Branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (KAB)

The present conference is oriented in the direction of applications of statistical mechanics in complex systems. However, contributed talks will be selected from all areas of statistical physics, see below.

Main topics

 Disordered and frustrated systems
 Strongly correlated systems
 Soft and active matter
 Networks and complex systems
 Synchronization and collective behavior
 Quantum many body systems and quantum computation
 Non-equilibrium phenomena
 Interdisciplinary applications (biophysics, econophysics, sociophysics, ...)


Conference secretary:
Ms. Hajnalka Dimény |  meco45@kab.ro

Conference link

The conference is organized on the ZOOM platform.

The conference sessions are streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Transylvanian branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Kolozsvári Akadémiai Bizottság).

» Access the archive on the YouTube channel

Keynote speakers

 Kertész, János (Budapest, Hungary)
 Kori, Hiroshi (Tokyo, Japan)
 Motter, Adilson (Evanston, USA)

Invited speakers

 Bianconi, Ginestra (London, United Kingdom)
 Biró, S. Tamás (Budapest, Hungary)
 Cartwright, Julyan (Granada, Spain)
 Folk, Reinhard (Linz, Austria)
 Gros, Claudius (Frankfurt, Germany)
 Horvát, Emőke-Ágnes (Evanston, USA)
 Jeong, Hawoong (Daejeon, Korea)
 Korniss, György (Troy NY, USA)
 Moca, Pascu (Oradea, Romania)
 Toroczkai, Zoltán (Notre Dame, USA)

About MECO meeting

International Advisory Board

B. Berche (Nancy), K. Binder (Mainz), Z. Burda (Kraków), A. Cuccoli (Firenze), C. Dellago (Vienna), C. Di Castro (Roma), A. Fedorenko (Lyon), M. Henkel (Nancy), Y. Holovatch (Lviv), A. Gambassi (Trieste), F. Igloi (Budapest), W. Janke (Leipzig), R. Kenna (Coventry), G. Meissner (Saarbrücken), H. Rieger (Saarbrücken), A. Surda (Bratislava), J. Sznajd (Wroclaw), S. Trimper (Halle), K. Uzelac (Zagreb)

Local Organizing Committee

Borbély, Sándor; Ercsey-Ravasz, Mária M.; Járai-Szabó, Ferenc; Lázár, Zsolt; Néda, Zoltán; Sándor, Bulcsú; Sárközi, Zsuzsa; Varga, Levente

Previous MECO conferences

For detailed information please visit the history-of-MECO website.

1974 Wien (A)
1976 Bled (Y)
1978 Boszkowo (PL)
1980 Budapest (H)
1982 Wien (A)
1984 Gernrode (GDR)
1986 Liblice (CS)
1988 Karpacz (PL)
1990 Balatonfüred (HU)
1994 Smolenice (SK)
1996 Bled (SL)
1998 Trieste (I)
2000 Pont-a-Mousson (F)
2002 Sopron (HU)
2004 Bratislava (SK)
2006 Primosten (CR)
2008 Puchberg/Wels (A)
2010 Pont-a-Mousson (F)
2012 Tatrianske Matliare (SK)
2014 Coventry (UK)
2016 Wien (A)
2018 Kraków (PL)

1975 Regensburg (FRG)
1977 Unterägeri (CH)
1979 Trieste (I)
1981 Saarbrücken (FRG)
1983 Bled (Y)
1985 Aussois (F)
1987 Poidoux-Chexbres (CH)
1989 Siena (I)
1991 Duisburg (D)
1995 Puchberg/Wels (A)
1997 Szklarska Poręba (PL)
1999 Lutherstadt-Wittenberg (D)
2001 Prague (CZ)
2003 Saarbrücken (D)
2005 Cortona (I)
2007 Ladek Zdrój (PL)
2009 Leipzig (D)
2011 Lviv (UA)
2013 Trieste (I)
2015 Esztergom (HU)
2017 Lyon (F)
2019 Kloster Seeon (D)

Important dates

  Abstract submission deadline: 10 August, 2020

  Notification of acceptance and decisions: 20 August, 2020

  Poster submission deadline: 1 September, 2020

  Proceedings submission deadline: 15 December, 2020



Mo, September 14th

09:45 Opening

Session I
Chairman: C. Gros

10:00 Invited Talk (Biró)

10:40 Contributed Talk (Burov)

11:00 Contributed Talk (Kessler)

11:20 Contributed Talk (Ryabov)

11:40 Contributed Talk (Itto)

12:00 Poster Discussion I »

Session II
Chairman: T.S. Biró

14:00 Contributed Talk (Iglói)

14:20 Contributed Talk (Schreiber)

14:40 Break

15:00 Keynote 1 (Kori)

16:00 Break / Cultural program

Session III
Chairman: A. Motter

17:00 Invited Talk (Bianconi)

17:40 Contributed Talk (Karsai)

18:00 Break

18:20 Contributed Talk (Blavatska)

18:40 Invited Talk (Toroczkai)

Tue, September 15th


Session IV
Chairman: F. Iglói

10:00 Invited Talk (Moca)

10:40 Contributed Talk (de Polsi)

11:00 Contributed Talk (Weigel)

11:20 Invited Talk (Jeong)

12:00 Break / Cultural program
(Oláh-Gál and Néda)

Session V
Chairman: J. Cartwright

14:00 Contributed Talk (Krasnytska)

14:20 Contributed Talk (Bokányi)

14:40 Contributed Talk (Rath)

15:00 Invited Talk (Korniss)

15:40 Poster Discussion II »

Session VI
Chairman: Gy. Korniss

17:00 Keynote 2 (Motter)

18:00 Contributed Talk (Wio)

18:20 Contributed Talk (Proesmans)

18:40 Contributed Talk (Tarasevich)

19:00 Invited Talk (Gros)

Wed, September 16th


Session VII
Chairman: J. Kertész

10:00 Invited Talk (Cartwright)

10:40 Contributed Talk (Gonnella)

11:00 Contributed Talk (Santiago)

11:20 Contributed Talk (Lebovka)

11:40 Contributed Talk (Mathey)

12:00 Poster Discussion III »

Session VIII
Chairman: G. Bianconi

14:00 Contributed Talk (Gros)

14:20 Contributed Talk (Seoane)

14:40 Contributed Talk (Fytas)

15:00 Keynote 3 (Kertész)

16:00 Break / Cultural program

Session IX
Chairman: Y. Holovatch

17:00 Invited Talk (Horvát)

17:40 Contributed Talk (Ramirez-Pastor)

18:00 Break

18:20 Contributed Talk (Taitelbaum)

18:40 Invited Talk (Folk)

19:20 Closing


All times are expressed in Romanian official time.

Detailed program

The detailed program is available for download in pdf format. Updated in September 16, 11:55AM.

Book of abstracts

The Book of abstracts is available for download in pdf format.


The MECO meetings are yearly surveys for the novel results related to statistical physics. In general, contributions to these conferences have a wide spectrum ranging from the classical models and methods of statistical physics to modern interdisciplinary applications. Depending on the research specialization of the organizing institutes the meeting might focus also on a more clearly defined topic, without being restricted to other contributions. The 2020 MECO45 meeting is therefore focusing on complex systems and their methods of study that are inspired by statistical physics. Simple and complex models of statistical physics, it's analytical and/or numerical methods have proven to be helpful and successful in tackling the complexity of the world around us. The main topics covered by most of the keynote and invited talks are related to either models or methods. Besides the popular fields of complex networks, dynamical systems, emergence, econo- and socio-physics, phase-transitions and pattern formation we also expect contributions tackling other novel problems, models and methods that are not directly related to the above problems. For the present conference, we propose thus to edit the special issue in two directions, one focusing on general contributions in all the fields related to statistical physics and the other closely related to complex systems. For the second direction targeting complex systems we intend to invite also contributions from well-known researchers who will not have the opportunity to join us at the MECO 45 meeting in Cluj-Napoca. Submission of contributions to this special issue is encouraged for all participants of the MECO 45 conference.

If the reqired number of proceedings articles are submitted, after review process they will be published in a special issue of the Entropy open access journal.

Poster sessions

Posters are available for preview below. The poster discussions take place according to the schedule in separate Jitsi meetings. The links can be found below each poster.

Poster teasers

The accepted posters may be promoted by 2-5 minute length poster teasers that will be accessible from the conference website.

Poster teasers – where there is one - can be accessed through the links provided below the poster preview.

» Vote the Best Poster

Mo, September 14th, 12:00 – Poster Discussion I

Jonas Berx (KU Leuven, Belgium): Beyond linear use of equation superposition
» link to discussion

Károly Dénes (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Stablizing phase locked patterns in systems of Kuramoto oscillators with delayed coupling
» link to discussion

Botond Molnár (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Voronoi diagrams to detect communities in weighted directed graphs
» link to discussion

Si Khaled Mehdi (University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria): Bosonics systems in the canonical ensemble
» link to discussion

Gergő Pál (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Phase transitions in low-velocity impact phenomena
» link to discussion

András Rusu (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Complex fluctuations of a Lotka-Volterra type attention dynamics model
» link to discussion

Róbert Juhász (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary): Population boundary across an environmental gradient: Effects of quenched disorder
» link to discussion

Kuheli Biswas (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India): Information theoretic comparison of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations
» link to discussion

Hor Dashti-Naserabadi (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea): Competing universalities in Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth models
» link to discussion

Levente Varga (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Characterizing resting state brain networks based on probability distributions of network properties
» link to discussion

Tue, September 15th, 15:40 – Poster Discussion II

Viktória Kádár (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Record statistics of bursts signals the onset of acceleration towards failure
» link to discussion

Olesya Mryglod (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of NASU, Ukraine): Over 40 years of statistical physics history: bibliometric analysis of MECO
» link to discussion
» poster teaser

Roland Szatmári (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Anisotropic crack patterns induced by shrinkage in thin layers
» link to discussion

Csanád Szuszik (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Debris flow generated by a collapsing granular column
» link to discussion

Zineb Tahiri (University Mohammed V, Morocco): The investigation of the correlation created by single anisotropic node on two-lane roads
» link to discussion

Poster preview not available

Maryna Bakumenko (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine): Influence of solute polarity on diffusion in dimethylimidazolium chloride
» link to discussion

István Gere (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Towards probabilistic forecasting of earthquakes
» link to discussion

Masayuki Hase (University of São Paulo, Brazil): Weakening connections in heterogeneous mean-field theory
» link to discussion

Robert Paul Salazar Romero (ECCI University, Colombia): Monte Carlo simulations as an efficient method to calculate electric fields in gapped surface electrodes
» link to discussion

Yuri Tarasevich (Astrakhan State University, Russia): Random sequential adsorption of stiff linear k-mers onto a square lattice: Characterization of domain formation
» link to discussion

Julian Jose Riccardo (National University of San Luis - CONICET, Argentina): Generalized exclusion statistics
» link to discussion

Wed, September 16th, 12:00 – Poster Discussion III

Dániel Ábel (Maven Seven Solutions Zrt., Hungary): Modeling hierarchical and modular network of organizations
» link to discussion

Attila Gergely (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Flickering candle flames: experiments and dynamical modelling
» link to discussion

Róbert-Attila Inczefi (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Molecular dynamics simulation study of free and constrained Brownian motions
» link to discussion

Mária Ercsey-Ravasz (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): A maxSAT solver with high-performance analog dynamics
» link to discussion

Bence Schneider (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Time-series analysis with state-transition networks
» link to discussion

Arthur Tunyagi (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Virtually coupled mechanical oscillators
» link to discussion
» poster teaser

Máté Józsa (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Reverse engineering complex systems from their network models
» link to discussion

Bulcsú Sándor (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania): Attractoring: a dynamical systems framework for self-organized robotic locomotion
» link to discussion

Maxym Dudka (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of NASU, Ukraine): Phase transitions in three-dimensional random anisotropy Heisenberg model: two case studies
» link to discussion

Marco Mancastroppa (University of Parma - INFN, Italy): Active and inactive quarantine in epidemic spreading: a general formalism for adaptive activity-driven networks
» link to discussion

Akari Matsuki (University of Tokyo, Japan): Analysis of intervention threshold for epidemic control using metapopulation models
» link to discussion

Terms and Conditions

There is no registration fee for the MECO45 online conference.

By completing the registration form the person accepts that his/her personal data will be further processed by the web system of the Conference in order to allow organization of the Conference, registration and operation of the Conference website.

Organizers are allowed to process the following personal data of participants: first name, family name, address of residence, e-mail, phone number, correspondence address. The personal data will be protected with respect to unauthorized access.

Social events

In the breaks between the talks: short cultural and historical events related to Transylvania.

Mo, September 14th

16:00 Csaba T.-Szabó (University of Sibiu, Romania)
Transylvania: historical confluences and cultural heritage in Central-East Europe

Tue, September 15th

12:00 Róbert Oláh-Gál (Sapientia, Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania) and Zoltán Néda (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania)
The mathematical heritage of János Bolyai
- Creating a new world out of nothing -

Wed, September 16th

16:00 Viktória Adrienn Barazsuly (Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary; Korzo Association, Romania)
Mesmerized by light and colour: the Nagybánya (Baia Mare) Artists’ Colony


Suggested films and videos made in or about Transilvania worth seeing, accessible online:


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