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Ódor Géza: Dynamical Criticality and Griffiths Phases in Models of Large Connectomes

2023 Október 27, 10:30 óra, 3/II-es terem


In this talk, I discuss critical dynamics of simple nonequilibrium models
on large connectomes, obtained by diffusion MRI, representing the white
matter of the human brain; as well as on the neuron level fruit-fly
connectome. First I overview graph theoretical and topological analysis of
these networks, pointing out that universality allows selecting a
representative human network, the KKI-18, which has been used for
dynamical simulations [1].
The critical and sub-critical behaviour of simple, two- or three-state
threshold models is discussed with special emphasis on rare-region effects
leading to robust Griffiths phases (GP) [2-3].
Numerical results of synchronization phenomena, studied by Kuramoto-type
models, are also shown, leading to a continuous analog of the GP, termed
as “frustrated synchronization” [4-5]. The models presented here exhibit
dynamical scaling behaviour, with exponents in agreement with brain
experimental data if local homeostasis is provided [6].
I provide a comparison of the results about criticality obtained for the
human and fruit-fly connecomes in the rest and task states [7-8].

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